Social Media Policy – Geelong Market Square Shopping Centre

Welcome to the Geelong Market Square Shopping Centre’s (Market Square) social media policy. This policy relates to all social media channels used under the Market Square brand, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other digital sites being operated by Market Square. This policy exists in order to inform and explain all relevant information and details regarding the expected behaviour of all people using and connecting with Market Square’s social media channels. Market Square, owned by Davinksi Nominees Pty Ltd and managed by Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd, believe that ‘social media’ is a fast-moving and ever-changing arena that is focused on having a professional presence on certain community-based websites, both individually and corporately. The social media pages of Market Square are all great spaces for sharing information, communicating and learning about Market Square, its retailers and all the great things we have on offer, but should not be abused in any way.


At Market Square, social media and communicating with customers is extremely important to us. Also important to us is the regular updating and posting to social media, which posts are continually checked and monitored. We are dedicated in providing the guarantee that you will receive a reply to your post or comment within no more than two working days from a member of the Centre Management team. However, on most occasions, our responses will be much quicker. Please note we cannot guarantee responses on weekends and public holidays.

Appropriate Content:

A core value at Market Square is respect and treating everyone fairly and when posting on any of our social media pages we think no differently. Whilst we welcome and encourage you to comment and express you opinions freely, we do ask that all contributions be made in a constructive, respectful and polite manner. We encourage engagement through our social media channels via methods such as:

  • Commenting on posts that you find interesting;
  • ‘Liking’ images and topics that you enjoy/find interesting;
  • Giving feedback to the centre about experiences and/or posts;
  • ‘Sharing’ and encouraging others to enjoy the Market Square social media channels, and;
  • Asking questions! Don’t be afraid to ask a question if you require assistance or information.

Not Appropriate Content:

Your shopping experiences in Centre are extremely important to us and we value any constructive feedback and opinions you provide to us. However, if any posts are contrary to the values of Market Square Shopping Centre they may be removed from the page. Posts or comments that do not reflect these values include:

  • Unlawful, offensive and obscene comments;
  • Misleading or deceptive, fraudulent or racial posting, and;
  • Personal attacks and religiously or sexually discriminative comments will not be tolerated and may be removed from the social media page at any time.

As well as this, any posts or comments on any of our social media pages may also be removed if they reflect any of the following:

  • Continuous off-topic posts or links provided by an individual;
  • Repetitive posts copied by single or multiple fans;
  • Advertisements posted on our pages, and;
  • Comments that encourage illegal activity of any sort.

Market Square also advises that all social media channels used have their own policies in relation to use and posting on the sites and we expect all users abide by these policies for the general use of the social media channel. The following are links to each of our major social media channels official privacy policies:

By posting content on our page, you are giving permission for anything you write or post to be used, shared, reproduced or disclosed in any manner, place or format without obligation to you. To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to you in any manner whatsoever in connection with our social media pages and its content.

While we try to keep information on all pages of social media accurate and current, some information provided by our retailers is very time-sensitive. You should therefore check with the relevant retailer directly before relying on any information, promotions or offers appearing in this space.

Market Square respects your privacy and will treat any personal data we receive with respect and integrity. For more information, you can view our Privacy Statement on the Geelong Market Square website at

If you would prefer to speak to with a member of the Market Square Centre Management team in private, or if you have urgent complaints or serious grievances, please leave a message on our ‘Contact Us’ page on our website via the following link, or contact us directly on (03) 5221 2411.